IE Emergency Patch KB4467691 Might Break Your Lenovo Laptop

IE Emergency Patch KB4467691

IE Emergency Patch KB4467691 IE Emergency Patch KB4467691 could potentially ruin your day if you own a Lenovo laptop. Microsoft has done it again with another poor update that may very well cause your Lenovo laptop to not boot up.… Continue Reading


Microsoft Office 2019 – What’s New (And What’s Not)

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Office 2019, the successor to their very own Office 2016 product. If you have access to the Volume Licensing Service Center, you should be able to login and grab a copy right now. If not, you… Continue Reading


How To Install Windows 10 Version 1803 – April 2018 Update

Install Windows 10 1803

Microsoft released the Windows 10 April 2018 Update today and if you’re wondering How to Install Windows 10 version 1803, wonder no more.  We’ll go step by step on exactly how to do that.  If you’re concerned about the upgrade… Continue Reading