Microsoft Office 2019 – What’s New (And What’s Not)

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Office 2019, the successor to their very own Office 2016 product. If you have access to the Volume Licensing Service Center, you should be able to login and grab a copy right now. If not, you may have to wait until they release it to the general public.

Microsoft Office 2019 – What’s New

So what’s new you ask? There are some very distinct changes in the layout that some people are having a hard time to accustom to. Layout changes like the big blue bar on the left side… Not sure what to say about that.

Office 2019 includes many of the features previously published via Office 365. It has improved inking features, new animation features in PowerPoint, such as the morph and zoom features. It also features new formulas and charts in Excel for data analysis.

If you’re a OneNote fan, you may be disappointed to find out that the application is not published with the Office Suite. Instead, it is being replaced by the UWP version that is bundled with Windows 10. OneNote 2016 can be installed as an optional feature on the Office installer if your heart desires it.

Office 2019 Requirements

If you’re still running Windows 7, 8.1 or any other client version before Windows 10, you’re going to have a bad time. Microsoft Office 2019 requires that you’re running Windows 10 at a minimum. It is also available for install on Windows Server 2016 or macOS Sierra. macOS installations can be acquired from the Microsoft website but Microsoft will make Office available through the Mac App Store in sometime in 2018 so you can grab it from there if needed.

You should also know that the traditional MSI version is not available for Office 2019 (For Windows 10 only). It appears that going forward you will only have to option to use the Click-to-Run version on Windows 10 clients. I’ll post another article going through the steps to deploy Office 2019 using SCCM for those that are interested.

Finally, Office 2019 will receive five years of mainstream support, but will only get two years of extended support

Get Microsoft Office 2019

Get your copy of Microsoft Office 2019.

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