IE Emergency Patch KB4467691 Might Break Your Lenovo Laptop

IE Emergency Patch KB4467691

IE Emergency Patch KB4467691 could potentially ruin your day if you own a Lenovo laptop. Microsoft has done it again with another poor update that may very well cause your Lenovo laptop to not boot up. In an attempt to plug a vulnerability for Internet Explorer (IE) 11, it seems they may have made matters worse for a subset of users. Many users have reported that after installing KB4467691 they are unable to boot into Windows.

It turns out if you have a Lenovo laptop with under 8GB of ram, installing the Internet Explorer Emergency Patch KB4467691 could cause your computer not to boot up. If you want to look further into it, check out the Patch Details to get a better understanding. Here is a snippet from the MS Page.

KB4467691 Breaks Lenovo Laptops

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