Query Log Analytics via Powershell

How To Query Log Analytics via Powershell

Over the past several months, I’ve been delving more and more into Azure Log Analytics and I must say that I absolutely love it. It’s incredibly fast and seeing the results come in right away is an instant gratification. And… Continue Reading


How To Connect To Microsoft Graph API Using PowerShell

Microsoft has confirmed on multiple occasions that the Azure AD Graph Endpoint is deprecated and will be fully decommissioned in the future. This means that if you’re currently using the AzureAD (or AzureADPreview) Module(s) then after it’s deprecated, your scripts… Continue Reading


How To Change UserPrincipalName with PowerShell

Change UserPrincipalName with Powershell

Imagine a scenario where you work for an organization that has just changed it name to something more user friendly. One of things that are asked of the SysAdmins is that they want to be able to change all UserPrincipalNames… Continue Reading